On line and Intranet English Courses

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On line English courses.
Let's Do Business on line
English Courses for in-company Intranets.
Ellis OnlineAcademic Suite

On line English Courses.
Let's Do Business on line.

Let's do business

7 courses covering English for Business Knowledge areas, grammar, pronounciation, vocabulary and 4 Skills courses, Meetings, Presentations, Negotiations and Telephoning. Let's do business comes with it's own management system and various synchronous and asynchronous tools are available.
AICC et SCORM compatible.
Availabilty starts with groups of 10 learners.

7 day free evaluation Let's do business on line courses,
Webschool General English courses
Clarity English for Academic Purposes
from Abacus.

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English Courses for in-company Intranets.
The Ellis Online Academic Suite

Ellis cours d'anglais

The Ellis Online Academic Suite is the most complete English courses on the market. The Ellis Academic Suite - A total of 1200 hours, this English Multimedia course provides an interactive multimedia environment for teaching English as a second or foreign language that has changed the way the world learns English.

ELLIS provides a virtual language experience for ESL/EFL/bilingual learners at all levels. The ELLIS curriculum combines graphics, full-motion video, digitized sound and voice recording, animation, and text in a comprehensive and user-friendly environment.

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Among the advantages of these multimedia solutions
Two very different uses:

  • 1. Face to face complementary teaching materials
  • 2. Self access material with a personal training plan

  • Formavision has a 100 % success rate in installing Intranets and SAP services for the last sixteen years
  • Decrease training costs, speed up learning times and have measurable results
  • Have a flexible system that will grow as you grow
  • Consult all student and course information securely depending on your login level,
    this means that a training manager or instructor can follow his own learners in real time
  • Learners can revise, learn and exercise where they want, when they want and at the speed they want
  • Cut down on training time and travel for both teachers and learners.
  • Facilate revision and JIT - Just in time training without extra costs
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On line English courses.
Let's Do Business on line
English Courses for in-company Intranets.
Ellis Online Academic Suite

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