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ETMA e-learning solutions presentation follow up
by Bruce Duncan-Smith.

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2 solutions, Lan/Intranet or 'real' e-learning via the Internet
1. Lan or Intranet courses

Ellis cours d'anglais

Also see the Xebec solutions, also available in French

2. On line e-learning
The Geo Learning center
with it's own LMS and 5 floors of activites.

Votre université virtuelle

The Geolearning center floor plans
Ground floor
Information Desk, Calendars and Bulletin Boards, Testing and Survey Center, Administration Office and Maintenance Office
Virtual classrooms
Asynchronous learning - email - course action plans and follow up
Conference Center
Synchronous learning -- Chat - video conferencing and web casting
Resource Center
includes and centralises your Bookstore, Multimedia Store, Library and Multimedia Lab with direct links to your ETMA partner
The Lounge The lounge area is open to students and faculty members for casual discussion or chat. In the student lounge you can meet classmates to discuss assignments or ask questions about course topics.

See some examples of personalised graphics
Our list of Geolearning centers from Geolearning and Formavision

Other learning examples include 410 + on line Mindleaders courses
Easycando , an affiliation program we are NOT going to do.
Email for an explanation behind our rationale
Industry reports

Supply considerations

For the internet we suggest delivering a complete, personalised technical service solution including The Geolearning Internet provider

For Intranet installations

We suggest installation on the clients server or the Unlimited magic box solution on the Clients network)

Catalogues and on line demonstrations

Our complete on line course catalogue
The Mindleaders on line catalogue
Customising the customers own training materials for their intranet or virtual training center
Asyncronous training - training by your chalk and talk trainers
log in at as an instructor (the LMS has four levels of entry which ideal for the French) logon name and password = bruced
Syncronous training - training done by your own chalk and talk trainers
If you got this far you might want to take some free demo courses
go here and log on as
logon name = formavision
password = cropcircles
Yes, this is the same as going to the Adminstration office on the ground floor and clicking on the computer there;-)
Other free courses are here if you do these courses I am notified in real time and will 'mail' you our standard letter!

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