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If you want a complete solution up and running within 2 months, with no technical nightmares,
we recommend .
Lots of people are claiming to offer e-learning solutions, but GeoLearning is the only one we've found
who actually delivers a complete and effective service including:

All you need is an internet connection.

Designed for companies with more than 1000 users around the world, you can also attend GeoLearning's University as a private individual.

Go to the Geo Learning Centre with on line demos

Examples of Geo Learning Centres
Click here to see some personalised
on line virtual universities from Geolearning

e-learning conference and expo
Visit at the e-learning Conference & Expo.
Booth #645 April 18-20, 2001
Washington DC Convention Center - Washington DC

If you prefer to start your on-line training in small stages here are some good resources we've tested and can recommend.

+ 400 on line learning courses, with certification and 6 demos

Three interactive management games with demos
These courses can be used for observation and coaching purposes

Just in time training with on line demos

Xebec E-learning

The Ellis English language course for your computer network or Intranet

Our e-learning report with 90 links from the ASTD exibition, Dallas Mai 2000
Other elearning reports and articles

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