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2008 - All of the videos are here.
Online video examples similar to content of the Real English DVD
Free exercises here.

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Beginner level below    Click on the pictures for the videos and lessons.
  Hey, man, how you doin'?Lesson 1 - Hi. Howyadoin'? (How are you doing?), How do you do? and What's your name?

Contrasts formal and informal greetings. Introduces the verb "to be" in the present. Also introduces possessive adjectives.
  Hi. I'm from Pennsylvania!
Lesson 2 - Where are you from?

Includes uses and contrast of this and that.
  My name? Kevin. K - E - V - I - N. Lesson 3 - The Alphabet:

The 7 basic sounds;
Spelling at normal speed.
Are you sure you can spell? This is the acid test.
  Mine? Blue!

Lesson 4 -
What's your favorite color?
  South African
Lesson 5 - What nationality are they?

Emphasis on vocabulary and new uses of is and are.
  This is K - R - I - S - T - E - N!
Lesson 6 - How do you spell your name?

The apostrophe for possessives.
Introducing yourself. Introducing your friends.



Lesson 7 - What's your astrological sign? What are (Geminis) like?

Emphasis on useful vocabulary not usually found in beginner lessons, the use of like as a preposition, and review of lesson 3.
  I'm 24. How old are you?
Lesson 8 -
Numbers:one basic presentation video, plus How old are you?, What's your telephone number?, and When's your birthday? videos.
There are a few new, simple grammar structures included in a few segments of these video. Consequently, this unit also serves as a "preview" to new structures.
  It's 6 minutes after 3!

Lesson 9 - Telling the time - A relatively short video with 12 interviewees.
  What other adjectives describe Patty?
Lesson 10 - The Jones Family - A short or "medium size" video for pre-intermediates.

The verb be in the present, with adjectives. Americana at its best. The family members describe each other.
  Watch the video to find out.Lesson 11 - Are you married?
2 main videos: 1 for intermediates and 1 for beginners.
Also contains individual videos for easy navigation.
Can you find the non-native speakers of English in these videos? There is one Dutchman, and 1 German. They speak English very well!
  Anthony is working hard, but he speaks to us anyway!

Lesson 12 - What's the weather like? - A short or "medium size" video, 15 interviewees. Includes the use of like as a preposition for indicating characteristics.
Google Goodies
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  Gosh, they're so L _ _ _ !Lesson 13 - Five Nationalities - 1/5 What are the Americans like?


Never ask an Irishman! Lesson 14 - Five Nationalities - 2/5 What are the British like?


What *can't* this young lady do? Watch the video to see why they are laughing!Lesson 15 - Can

Can you play a musical instrument?
Can you cook?
What else can you do?

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