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First and foremost, WebFrance International provides complete and professional Web services. More importantly, WFI believes that a presence on the World Wide Web is virtually pointless without proper on-line marketing and public relations plus the ability to do safe and secure on-line commerce.

Therefore, WFI is much more than a Web developer. Yes, WFI provides complete and professional Web services, for all our clients. Included in our standard development and hosting are strong marketing and public relations efforts primarily targeted to Internet visitors interested in sites about Paris, France and the French culture.

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Linda Thalman, Director

WebFrance International home pageprovides links directly to Web sites we have developed and/or host on Arts, Books & Multimedia, Education & Culture, Health & Beauty, Housing, Hotels & Castles, Insurance, Language Learning, Paris and Travel & Leisure.

The WFI multilingual and international team offers a full range of Web services to put your business on the Internet.

Directed by Linda Thalman, WFI developed and continues to host award-winning sites such as Volterre-Fr, a 3-star Web site designated by The McKinley Review editorial team and is one of only fifteen to receive the Worldspeaker's 1996 Virgil Award. See the

Awardsreceived by sites developed and hosted by WebFrance International.

Web Site Development

WebFrance International can design and develop a comprehensive Web site for any type of organization beginning with planning the architecture of the site through completion of the graphic design and production for on-line global access - utilizing HTML formatting, Java animation scripting, GIF animation, audio and/or video clips, navigation aids and CGI scripting.


In the creative development of a Web site, WebFrance International can provide scans of a client's photos, logos and illustrations as well as produce original graphics and animations to create a visually appealing and effective site.


WebFrance International hosts clients' sites 24 hours a day 365 days a year. A URL address can be provided by WFI for example:
or registration for.fr, .com or .org domain names.

Hosting includes:


WebFrance International provides submission to the major search engines, reciprocal linking with WFI clients and other Web sites, plus free promotional announcements in the

Paris In Sites Newsletter.as part of normal service. All WFI clients benefit from on-going public relations efforts by WFI for its clients in the form of email press releases issued regularly to international major media.


WebFrance International can provide Internet and email training, tailoring the courses to individuals or groups.

Secure Server

On-line credit card payments for your products or services are available with WebFrance International's Netscape Commerce Secure Web server.

WFI offers secure payment with our
Netscape Commerce Server
We accept Visa We accept MasterCard

Hardware/Software, Installation & Training

WebFrance International makes it convenient for clients to do business on the Internet as we can provide all the necessary P.C. computer equipment, software, complete installation, as well as, training staff, tailored to your needs.


A initial free consultation is available by WebFrance International to study your product or service, evaluate Internet needs and provide an estimate and proposal to integrate Internet technology into your current sales and marketing efforts.


Translation services are available for English, French and all other major languages in order to develop multi-language Web sites which appeal to a global market.


WebFrance International can provide programming and management of large or small databases with a Web interface. Electronic product catalogs can be produced on diskette or CD-Rom.


Advertising sponsorships are available on most WebFrance International Web sites, or your company logo may be linked to WFI or other sites to promote your products and/or services.

WebFrance International

WebFrance International provides complete professional Web services to companies and organizations in France or elsewhere and offers extensive access to France and French culture on the World Wide Web. The

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